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It doesn't matter what you shred on your board-Slalom, Down Hill, Street or Bowlriding, Cheetah Oil has blown the other speed creams off the map by putting "increased speed" in the bearings. Competitive riders are stoked by the results from this premium lube. Cheetah Oil is the sickest secret not all skaters are willing to give up, because it gives them the competitive edge to blow everyone else off the road. If your board isn't waxin the competition-try Cheetah Oil. Apply two to three drops in clean bearings and be amazed at the difference. This is by far the gnarliest bearing lube on the market. Ask any rider who has used it! They'll tell you, there's nothing that even comes close to comparison. Skatebroad shops, as well as users, of Cheetah Premium Lubricant are amazed at the increased speed on their boards. Experience the "competitive-edge" for yourself!