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Introducing the Caliber II Trucks! With lots of upgrades you're gonna love these trucks! To start They have updated the inner/outer bushing steps on bushing seats, the new Inner-Step provides an increased contact area with the bushing, giving you higher rebound and responsiveness. Being adjusted to 25.4 mm to eliminate all slop. The Outer-Step is now a perfect circle with 31.5 mm diameter, giving a perfect no-slop-fit with oversized bushings. The pivot cup chamfer has been decreased which has increased pivot cup surface area contact with the baseplate. Giving a snugger fit for the pivot pin and prevents side to side play as the pivot cup breaks in. Circular kingpin hole with updated diameter, with a diameter of 17.4mm, the kingpin hole has been updated to match the specs of there precision trucks. A circular hole provides a consistent and uniform lean, while also allowing proper clearance to avoid kingpin bite on the hanger. The truck strength has been increased by 40% due to an in-house heat treatment. They also come with a pressed-in grade 8 hex head kingpin, they have removed all slop and play. Providing maximum control and responsiveness through corners, but can still be hammered out and replaced with different length removable kingpins for extra levels of customization. They have reinforced there baseplate by thickening the metal towards the kingpin providing increased strength and resistance against high speed impact. Caliber is using thinner paints for tightened tolerances, powder coats are thick and can throw off tolerances and affect overall truck performance. They have switched over to a thinner paint for overall performance.