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    • Maximize performance of any skateboard, longboard, or drop-through board and all types of trucks to give a riding sensation that is true to surfing
    • Carve Tightly with 3x tighter turns
    • Pump faster
    • Customize your setup
    • Installs easily to your existing trucks 



    This upgrade kit is designed to fit any skateboard and drastically increase its surf-style performance.

    The Surf Adapter™ on your front truck gives your board the tight carving ability that you need for surf training or surfstyle riding. The rear truck Rail Adapter gives a skateboards rear truck, whether it's traditional kingpin or reverse kingpin, more lean. A skateboard with both the Surf and Rail Adapters feels so buttery smooth because you are separated from the ground by vibration dampening urethane bushings. It feels like there are cushions under both feet, lending the board to confidently turn tightly even on rough concrete. 

    All hardware necessary for installation is included.